Phase 1
Phase 1b Dose Esc.

AB928 (A2aR/A2bR Antagonist) ⇓

AB928 + AB122 (anti-PD-1)
AB928 + Chemotherapy

AB680 (Small Molecule CD73i) ⇓

AB680 (IV)
Regulatory filing Q3
AB680 (oral)

Antibody Programs ⇓

AB122 (anti-PD-1 Antibody)
Enrolling in solid tumors
AB154 (anti-TIGIT Antibody)
Regulatory approval

Other Small Molecules ⇓

AB745 (A2aR Antagonist)
Arginase inhibitor
Lead ID


AB928 is a potent and selective dual antagonist of the adenosine receptors known as A2aR and A2bR. Adenosine is a powerful immunosuppressive substance produced inside tumors as a result of rapid…

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AB680 is a potent and selective inhibitor of CD73, the enzyme responsible for the extracellular production of adenosine within the tumor micro-environment. Adenosine is a powerful…

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AB122 is a monoclonal antibody  (mAb) that potently and selectively blocks a protein called PD-1. This immune checkpoint is expressed by tumor-infiltrating T cells that recognize tumor antigens but…

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AB154 is a monoclonal antibody (mAb) that potently and selectively blocks a novel immune checkpoint called TIGIT. Like some of the first-generation immune checkpoints (e.g., PD-1 and CTLA-4)…

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